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Transition to Middle School

Tumwater FAQ's


Besides the Ice Cream Social on 8/31, will there be another opportunity for students to peek into the school?  

No, there is not another welcome event.  However, 6th graders will have the entire school to themselves on the first day of school, with lots of support from staff to have questions answered.

What if we can’t come during our assigned time?

If the assigned time slot doesn’t work, feel free to come anytime that works best for your family.


Can I walk my child to his/her class on the first day of school?

Middle school is a time when students are ready to be more independent. Parents/guardians attending the Welcome Coffee may enter the building at 9:45. Please take your first day of school pictures at home as the parking lot will be quite crowded.

What does my 6th grader need to bring for the first day of school?

  • Tightly sealed reusable water bottle

  • Sack lunch (if you are not getting a school lunch)

  • Pen or pencil

Where does my 6th grader go on the first day?

WEB leaders, the 8th grade leadership group (Where Everyone Belongs), will direct students where to go on the first day.  Relax, it works out!

What should my child bring to PE on the first day?

Students do not need to bring anything to PE on the first day.

Should my student bring locker supplies on the first day?

No, lockers will not be assigned the first day of school.  Students are encouraged to use their lockers for a few days before bringing in any locker supplies. This gives students an opportunity to see how much space their backpacks and supplies will use in the locker.

When do students bring supplies? On the first day? Do items need to be labeled?

6th graders only need to bring a pencil, a sack lunch (if they are not getting a school lunch) & a water bottle on their first day. 

7th & 8th graders  need to bring a pencil, a sack lunch (if they are not getting a school lunch), a water bottle, sharpened pencils/pens, colored pencils, highlighters and a notebook with paper on their first day. 

The two-inch binder will hold all the smaller individual supplies for students, including their notebooks, so they will always have everything they need at hand. Labeling the binder & notebooks is essential.


What are the school hours?

9:15am-3:50pm. Students should arrive no earlier than 8:45 am and plan to depart by 4:00 pm, unless in a prearranged meeting with a teacher or school-sponsored club. Staff supervision is not provided before or after those times.

The cafeteria will open for breakfast at 8:45 am.

What is the school’s main phone line?

503-356-2720.  We are often confused with Tumwater Middle School in Washington state and the TumWata Middle School in Oregon City, so please ensure you have the correct number in your contacts.

What is the attendance line?

503-356-2721.  Please have your student’s ID number handy before leaving your message. 

Parents/Guardians have the ability to report their student’s absence(s) in ParentVUE. This applies to Excused, full day absences only. Partial day absences or absences that occurred in the past cannot be reported through ParentVUE, and must be reported directly to your school's office.

Where do I drop off my child's medications?

Medications should be dropped off in the main office. Information about medication policies can be found at

When will lockers be assigned? 

Lockers will be assigned within the first two weeks of school.

Will the 6th-grade lockers be on the second floor?

The school assigns student lockers near their classes. Most 6th grade core classes are located in Upper C Hall, so 6th graders are assigned lockers in Upper C.

How much passing time do kids have between classes?

Four minutes.


Will lunch be free again?

Either apply for free/reduced meals or put money in your child’s account.

Are there multiple lunch periods?

There are three lunch periods, one for each grade, that last 30 minutes each.  Students have lunch with students in their own grade.

What do I do if my child forgets their lunch?

You may drop it off at the front office and students can check the office during their lunch time. The school does not accept food deliveries for students from restaurants or delivery services. It may be helpful for you to email your student that you've dropped the item off and it's ready for them to pick up.

Are there vending machines available for students?



We didn’t get assigned a bus.  Can I request bus service?

Head HERE to get updated info on requesting bus service.

What if our afternoon transportation plans change?

Sometimes afternoon transportation plans change during the day and you may need to notify your child of the change. If this happens, please call the office by 3:20 pm so we have ample time to get the message to your student before dismissal.

Can my child go home with another student on their bus?

If your student is riding a bus home with another student, please send a note with your student to school. They should turn it into the office and will receive a temporary bus pass from office staff. This is for one-time exceptions, not a regular transportation plan.

Can kids bring their bikes on the school bus (so ride their bike one way and take the bus the other?)

No, bikes are not allowed on school buses.

Can children take the bus some days, and not on others?

Yes, students may ride their assigned bus on whatever days they wish.

Do they need to report to anyone if they won't be taking the bus one day?


Can I park in the “carpool” parking spots near the front of the school?

No, those are meant for staff carpools. Please use the drop off zone marked by the yellow curb.


How do I volunteer at TMS?

Head to for instructions on the two step process to begin volunteering at TMS.  You will first need to become a part of our database, and then upload your covid vaccine/medical exemption info.

Why don’t I see Tumwater when I log-in to myvolunteerpage?

First, be sure to scroll down past the other schools in your profile to make sure it’s not at the bottom, as schools are shown in alphabetical order. If you still don’t see Tumwater when you log-into the Better Impact system, then you are not a part of the Tumwater database. Head to for instructions on the two step process. 

***Parent profiles do NOT automatically move schools with their child’s enrollment.  Email in order to add your profile to Tumwater Middle  School. It can take as long as a week (or more) for your volunteer profile to be added to Tumwater’s database, especially during high volume processing times. We strongly encourage volunteers to submit this request well in advance of the event for which you want to volunteer. If you have emailed the address listed above and have not received confirmation within one week, please send an email to  

I've passed the background check and have a profile at another school, but haven’t been added to Tumwater’s database yet. Can I still volunteer at Tumwater for an upcoming event? 

No. Unfortunately, each school’s volunteer database is separate, so Tumwater’s administration staff and volunteer coordinators cannot view volunteer profiles in other schools’ databases to verify your volunteer status and qualifications. From a security standpoint, it is essential all volunteers have the time clock running while they are on school grounds (or chaperoning an off-campus event) so school staff knows who is on site at all times.  

I see Tumwater within the volunteer system, but none of the opportunities are showing up.

The covid vaccination & medical exemption requirements remain in place, per state mandate. If you have not completed this process, you will not see volunteer opportunities within the volunteer system.  Please ensure that you have completed this process so that volunteer opportunities can be available to you. Head to for instructions on this process.  You can view your Vaccination Approval Status from your MyImpact profile. After logging in, select the “MY PROFILE” drop down menu, select “Qualifications,” then select “Tumwater Middle School” under Organizations. 

I have forgotten my login information.  

If you have forgotten your login information, you can reset it at the MyImpact Login page by clicking on the link that says “Forgot your username or password?”. If you don’t remember the email address you used when creating your volunteer profile, please send an email to 

Will I need to be a part of the TMS database to volunteer for the 8th grade celebration?

Yes.  Head to for instructions on the two step process to begin volunteering at TMS. 

If I request my volunteer profile to be transferred to Tumwater, does it remove my profile from the other school(s)?

No, you may have volunteer profiles at more than one school. However, if you would like to be removed from a school’s volunteer database, you may also submit that request to at the same time as your request to be added to Tumwater’s database.

I do not plan to volunteer anymore and would like to be removed from Tumwater’s Volunteer Database. 

You may either send an email to  or and you will be removed from the database.

I want to volunteer at the school, but do not want to receive your emails. Can I be removed from your email distribution list? 

No, unfortunately, we do not have the ability to remove you from our mailing list while keeping your profile active in the volunteer system.

I’ve signed up to volunteer for an event. Where do I go and what should I do?

When you arrive at school, you will sign in to your profile on the Volunteer Chromebook located in the office. In the case of an event with many volunteers, Chromebooks may be set up in the hallway to relieve/prevent congestion in the office. After starting the time clock, grab a volunteer badge and proceed to your volunteer assignment. For larger events a staff member will be nearby to direct you. 

How do I get a volunteer badge with my name on it?

Volunteer badges are typically created a few days prior to large events. If you have signed up for a volunteer shift at that event, or have volunteered at Tumwater in the past, chances are you already have a badge! For large events, badges may be placed on the tables next to the Chromebooks. Otherwise, they are hanging on the wall in the front office, arranged by last name. If you have volunteered at Tumwater in the past and cannot find a badge with your name, send an email to and one will be created for you.

I can log into the system at home to sign up for volunteer opportunities, but I'm unable to see Tumwater when logging into the School Chromebook.

The website used on the School Chromebook to start the time clock has a different interface than the website used by volunteers at home to sign up for volunteer opportunities. This occasionally happens where a volunteer cannot see Tumwater when they log into the Chromebook. We recommend you download the My Impact app at home and see if you are able to start and stop the time clock from the app. You can always use the app in lieu of the school Chromebook to start and stop the time clock. 

If I can't log into the system to start the time clock, can I still volunteer?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to volunteer. All volunteers must log into the system to start the time clock prior to volunteering, as there is a COVID declaration that must be agreed to prior to volunteering (confirming you are not currently ill or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID). 

I volunteered for an event at school but the office was closed when I left and I was unable to stop the clock on the Chromebook.

You can start and stop the clock anytime from the My Impact app. But if you don't have the app or happen to forget, it's not a problem. We can stop the clock and manually adjust the hours accordingly.

I'm volunteering for a teacher or staff member and I don't see an activity for me to select when I sign in. 

Please select the activity "General Volunteer Hours." If you are volunteering on a regular basis and would like a dedicated volunteer activity in the system, please email

I signed up for a volunteer shift, but my plans changed and I can no longer volunteer.

Most volunteer opportunities in the system will allow you to cancel your volunteer shift up to 4 hours beforehand. Go to the Schedule page in My Impact and you should be able to see a cancel shift button. If you are unable to cancel your shift, we would appreciate it if you sent us an email at to let us know.


What is the student cell phone policy?

To keep the focus on academics and to reduce unnecessary distractions, we ask that all TMS students keep their cell phones off and away from 9:15 am - 3:50 pm each day.  If a student's cell phone is in use and/or is out (on desk, in hand, etc), the student will be directed to the office where the phone will be kept for the rest of the school day. Office staff will give the student a receipt for the phone and place it in a locked location. At dismissal time, the student will turn in the receipt in order to pick up their phone from the office. Parents/guardians will be notified for repeated patterns of behavior.

Is Tumwater a closed campus?

Yes.  Students are required to stay on campus for the duration of the school day.

How do I deliver something my child has forgotten at home?

You may bring the item to the office. To avoid disrupting classroom learning, items will not be delivered to the classroom, but ask that students check in the office during passing periods or their lunch/recess if they're expecting a notebook, lunch etc. It may be helpful for you to email your student that you've dropped the item off and it's ready for them to pick up.

How can I pick up my child early?

Please send a note to school with your student. They should show it to their teacher or lunch/recess supervisor and will be sent to the office. A parent/guardian will need to check them out of the office.  It is easiest if the parent picking up knows their child’s student ID number. Pick up your child prior to 3:30 so we have ample time to get the student before dismissal.


Do students need a planner to keep track of assignments?

Each student will receive a student paper planner, paid for by the Tumwater PTO. Replacement fee is $5.

What is Advisory?

Your child will be assigned an Advisory teacher and this group will meet on a regular basis. Each advisory has between 20-24 students.  Students stay with their Advisory teacher and student cohort for three years. 

During Advisories, teachers will spend time building the class community, learning more about working together as a larger school community, participating in mini lessons that directly support technology integration, practicing executive functioning skills necessary for school success, as well as engaging in social emotional learning. This year, BSD is implementing Character Strong as the Advisory Curriculum.

I believe my child is ahead of grade level in math. How will you accommodate his/her needs?

Please contact your child's counselor for information about math placement. Your child's math teacher can address any questions about differentiation within a course.

Is there a plan to reduce tech use in the classrooms? 

Each teacher thoughtfully plans units and lessons that provide students opportunities to learn, develop skills, and demonstrate their learning in multiple ways. When technology can be a useful tool, teachers may include it in their lessons.


Do kids bring clothes/shoes to change into every day?

Every student has the option to change their shoes/clothes for PE, however it is not required. Shoes that students can participate in various fitness activities is highly recommended.

Can they shower after PE?


Can PE be any time during the day or is it mainly at the end of the day?

PE classes are evenly distributed throughout the day. There are an average of 3 PE classes meeting during each period.


Who do I call if I need to talk with my child while at school?

This should occur infrequently. Please call the main office.


How often will I hear from the school?

School newsletters are published every week. Teachers will communicate through Canvas (assignments and feedback), ParentSquare (usually general information), ParentVue (grades), and email (individual correspondence). You're encouraged to follow the school on social media too (@tumwatermiddleschool)

Does the school or PTO have social media?

Yes, you can follow Tumwater Middle School (@tumwatermiddleschool) and Tumwater PTO (@tumwaterpto) on Facebook and Instagram.

How do I subscribe to Tumwater PTO’s blog?

Head to and sign-up on the front page. You will receive an email around 5pm on the day a blog post is published.

What is the difference between Parentview, Parentsquare & Canvas?

  • ParentVUE is a web portal that allows parents/guardians to access real-time information related to their students, including attendance, calendars, course history, emergency contacts, grade Book information, report cards, schedules, and school information. It is also used each fall to verify student enrollment information.  Access to ParentVUE requires a username and password, which parents/guardians set up with an Activation Key code. If you have questions or would like assistance with ParentVUE, please contact our registrar at 503-356-2731. Learn more about ParentVUE and StudentVUE here.

  • Canvas is used by middle and high school teachers as an extension to in-class instruction. Teachers use Canvas to post assignments, give feedback, and communicate with students. Students use Canvas to access lessons assignments, manage their time using the calendar feature, submit work, and receive feedback on completed work. Parent/guardian Log In ID and password are the same as ParentVue. Directions, informational videos, and FAQs can be found here.

  • ParentSquare is BSD’s communication tool that allows staff, students, and families to connect. You can choose to receive messages from the district and school via email, text or app notification. You can also choose whether to receive the information as it comes or all at once at 6 pm daily. It allows you to communicate in your preferred language and direct message teachers and staff. Learn more here.


When do after school clubs begin?

Clubs are driven by student interest and require a staff advisor.  After school activity transportation is provided by a BEF Grant that is typically awarded in mid-October. Clubs won’t begin until the end of October/beginning of November. Clubs may request volunteers as the need arises.Club information will be shared with students during the school day and with families in the school newsletter.

Are there local basketball, soccer and baseball leagues that most of the kids utilize since there isn't a middle school team? Is there a comprehensive list of all extracurricular activities (ie, clubs, sports, programs offered by non-school affiliated groups, etc)?

The range of competitive and recreation sports leagues/clubs in this area is intimidating. THPRD has a comprehensive list of local recreation sports clubs in the area. However, this list does not include the many competitive clubs in the area.

Here is a brief list of some (emphasis on some) youth recreation sporting organizations that include Tumwater within their boundaries:

  • THPRD Middle School Cross Country

  • Cedar Mill Little League (baseball)

  • Willow Creek Little League (softball)

  • Sunset Junior Baseball

  • THPRD Winter Basketball Program

  • Sunset Youth Football

  • Sunset Youth Lacrosse

  • Milltown United Soccer

  • THPRD Middle School Track & Field

  • Sunset Youth Cheer

  • Sunset Youth Basketball (boys & girls)

  • THPRD Volleyball league (boys & girls)

  • Rugby Oregon


What academic competitions are organized by Tumwater?

Academic competitions are divided into two categories: school sponsored and school affiliated.

School Sponsored: The school anticipates there will be five academic competitions that are sponsored by the school and take place during the school day or as an after-school activity:

  • AMC-8:- a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills. 7th & 8th grade students who pre-register take the exam during the school day in mid-January. More information about registering will be shared by math teachers.

  • MathCounts

  • Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

  • Science Bowl

  • Scripps Spelling Bee

  • ***Note that after 33 years, The National Geographic Bee has been permanently discontinued.

School Affiliated: The International Academic Competitions require an affiliation with a school. TMS will register as an IAC sponsor and will proctor the qualifying exams for the following competitions. These are free 20-minute exams that will be offered during student lunches. Students will need to pre-register with the school in order to attend these exam sessions. If students qualify for the Regional or National competitions, the registration fees are paid by the family of the qualifying student, not the school.

  • National History Bee Qualifying Exam

  • International Geographic Bee/US National Championships Qualifying Exam

  • National Science Bee - Qualifying Exam

  • Science Olympiad is open to students who want to compete individually or on a team of 10-15 students from the same school. Tumwater does not organize, register, coach, host, or sponsor Science Olympiad teams. Teams meet off campus under the guidance of someone other than school staff. The school Registrar serves as a staff liaison to communicate between the team and Tumwater. Learn more by visiting


Will parents have more access to teachers this year? (Ie: parent teacher conferences, back to school night/meet the teacher type setting).

The partnership of parents/guardians and teachers is instrumental in a child's success. The school will follow district health guidelines and protocols. While mask wearing is encouraged at group events, at this time the school is planning for in-person events this fall including the Ice Cream Welcome Social, Back-to-School Night, and Family-Teacher Conferences. We welcome volunteers in our classrooms, library media center, and school events.


Presentation from the 5th grade family night

5th grade family night