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Beaverton Schools

Student Advisory

During Advisory the week of April 25th our students will engage in Digital Literacy lessons focused on relationships and communication. Students will reflect on how to build positive relationships, avoid risky online talk, and understand why some topics and conversations can best lend themselves to certain mediums. Here are the lesson topics each grade level will study:

  • 6th Grade - Chatting Safely Online. Essential question: How do you chat safely with people you meet online?
  • 7th Grade - My Social Media Life. Essential Question: How does social media affect our relationships?
  • 8th Grade - Sexting and Relationships. Essential Question: What are the risks and potential consequences of sexting?

These lessons and family resources linked below are intended to help our students understand the power of words and actions, as well as to be thoughtful and reflective as they communicate online.


Family Activity: Click here

Tips for Parents/Guardians: Click here